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Your brand brings your company to life.

Brand strategy creates a distinct, consumer- and employee-facing identity. It guides workplace culture, decisions, internal & external communication, priorities, and how to go to market.

 1. Brand Soul

Encapsulates the essence of your company’s purpose, giving you an intentional voice to the customer and team members

What is that one statement that captures the essence of your brand?

2. Brand Attributes

Defines “points of differentiation” or attributes that customers know you for

Have you identified where you are going to win against your competition?

 3. Initiatives & Metrics

Focuses company priorities and resources. Tracks brand health and overall performance of initiatives

Does your brand strategy drive your company projects and investments?

4. Category Roles & Strategies

Provides a framework for category management planning

Do your Category Managers use brand strategy to guide their pricing, promotional, and assortment decisions?

Why Impact 21?

Our 90-day engagement takes you through our four-step process in developing or updating your brand strategy.

At the end of the session, your company will have developed:

  • A brand positioning statement that captures your company’s purpose & competitive positioning in the marketplace
  • The how and where your company will differentiate itself through the Brand Pillars – convenience, value, merchandise authority, experience, customer service and social consciousness
  • A three-year roadmap documenting specific initiatives and metrics to support the brand strategy
  • Defined roles, strategies, and supporting tactics at the sub-category level

The outcome will be a blueprint to align your teams and position your company for future success! Let’s explore where your Brand Strategy Journey can take you.

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