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Impact 21 brings a disciplined approach to acquisitions.

Our steps are straightforward and methodical. Our plans are comprehensive and proven. We know that successful acquisitions drive deal economics to the bottom line while mitigating risks and disruption to day-to-day operations. We guide alignment of best practices and capture financial and organizational synergies each step of the way.

Acquisition Due DiligenceCirclular graphic with 5 segments that show Impact 21's 5 step acquisition integration process.

We start with the end in mind. Most merger challenges occur after the transaction is closed and the new entities come together operationally.

During due diligence, we dig deep to ensure your potential acquisition is a good strategic fit based on your business model and anticipated goals. Through discovery of people, systems, processes, and data, we identify specific synergies, costs/benefits, and steps to mitigate integration risks.

Integration Strategies & Synergies Capture

Your Impact 21 team facilitates the strategic direction for the new organization. Most companies have strong, broad-stroke goals to achieve when business entities come together. Making it happen is a different story.

To prepare for Day 1 – Change in Control, we establish pre-cutover planning, develop integration strategies, and capture specific synergies so the company can realize immediate opportunities. Organizations that create an in-depth integration plan before the transaction closes will experience a higher success rate and benefit from early synergies.

Roadmap & Go Forward Plans

Impact 21 details the new guiding vision, outlines the strategic path, and engages the organization to see it through. Establishing this path early in the process provides the foundation for evolving the company’s new culture in a way that is embraced by employees.

Our integration roadmap is comprehensive. We start with Impact 21’s Acquisition Integration Playbook. Through our discovery and planning processes, we solidify go forward plans so cross-company business workstreams are aligned. Whether you choose to integrate only topline financials, leverage shared services, and/or consolidate business entities, we engage your teams and turn plans into action.

Business Alignment Methodology & PMO

Impact 21 leverages its business alignment methodology to manage expectations and facilitate planned change. We understand that as new leadership is introduced into a company, culture shifts. It can be deliberate and graceful, or it can be unexpected and tumultuous.

Our Project Management Office (PMO) ensures collaboration and accountability with internal and external resources. This team, aligned with internal project management resources, will lead workstreams from discovery to integration deployment. Our goal is to mitigate disruption to daily operations while accelerating best practice integration and tracking the realization of financial synergies at every phase.

This approach results in a smooth transition by providing executive and functional expertise and by assessing short and long-term staffing requirements. We plan for staff augmentation and leverage support of third-party providers as needed to keep plans on track as the new organization comes together.

Integration Deployment

Impact 21 develops plans and cross-functional workstreams to drive aggressive timelines for people, systems, processes, and data integration. Through our methodology, cohesive teams come together to drive deployment of best practices, plan effective communication, and manage change. Our command center portal provides oversight and enables support teams to monitor deployment cutovers.

Why Impact 21?

Acquisitions can be daunting for even the most seasoned business executives. We understand that challenge and have a proven track record of making acquisitions successful and less stressful. We have your playbook. Our team of industry experts is ready to equip your team with the roadmap, plans, tools, and resources you need to drive a successful integration. We are accountable for the integration success and work side-byside with your team to execute and deliver.

We look forward to having a conversation about your specific goals and opportunities.

Contact us today to get started or learn more about our mergers and acqusitions services.

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