Your people represent you and your company to the customers that come through the door. Just how well are they doing at that? You want to have confidence that your employees are always doing an incredible job…not just when you are in the store.

Hiring the right people is crucial to your success.

You absolutely must have people who can help you get the desired results. They have to be able to make a meaningful, quantifiable contribution to the performance of your store.

To move up in the organization, a Store Manager has to get attention and recognition from top management. Great people will help to showcase your store’s capabilities while achieving your objectives. It’s a win-win situation all around.

If you are a Store Manager you need great people. It’s a fact. By following a few simple steps you’ll be on your way to having the best staff in the industry.

Hiring the Best Employees

  • What to look for in a prospective employee before the interview – make a list of the key attributes you want each of your employees to have
  • Preparation… the pre-interview stage – take the time to thoroughly read each application and note items that you want to discuss during the interview
  • Interview Questions / Scenarios – have several in mind as you interview the prospective employee to understand how they would handle the job
  • Acceptable Responses – before the interview define the answers that are acceptable to your questions
  • The People You Already Employ are the Key – ask them to refer others they know that they would want to work with

But hiring and motivating GREAT PEOPLE is only part of your success.

You want to train them and make sure they know what is expected of them so that you have the comfort of knowing that all of your people are moving in the same direction; the comfort of knowing that your store is always in safe hands. You have a limited number of staff hours available to use. It’s up to you to use those hours in the most productive way possible.

Training the Best Employees

  • Set up the Buddy System – assign a veteran employee to each new employee
  • Standards and Expectations – start at the beginning with defining the expectations for each new employee
  • Training Plan – create a specific training plan for each new employee
  • Follow up – follow up each training event/situation afterwards to ensure training is complete

In addition to hiring top performers, training them well and preparing them for success, the task of managing your hours and the many changing priorities you have every day is incredibly important. Planning and managing your time will make a huge difference to the level of success you will achieve. That’s a skill that will earn you a lot of respect from your management team. Top management wants people who can look ahead with concrete plans for increasing their business. People who do this move up in the organization!

Managing Your Hours

  • Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan – create a daily plan and follow through with that plan each day
  • Personal Organizer/Date Book – use a tool to keep track of your time and commitments, and organize upcoming events
  • Time Management – Top Time Wasters – be aware of things that can sidetrack your plan each day
  • Managing the Schedule – schedule your employees at least a week or more in advance – give them a planning tool, too
  • Long Range Planning – set goals and plans for next month, the next quarter, and the next year – performance objectives that need to be met, operating goals for the store, and personal and family goals