As the fastest growing sector of retail, Convenience stores (C-stores) are adapting to a high level of competition by focusing on the shopper experience and leveraging in-store analytics to drive decision-making.


In the September 8th webinar, “C-Store Analytics: Improving the Customer Experience,” industry veterans Todd Hale, a Nielsen Consultant, and Lesley Saitta, CEO of Impact21, joined RetailNext CMO, Marc Dietz, in discussing the trends, strategies and “how to’s” around C-store analytics.

Hale shares trends in products and demographics that are leading the growth of C-stores. He explains that the challenge is in using that information while adapting to the new market. In addition to challenges focused around the customer, Saitta explains that the competitive landscape is changing as well- not only are traditional players changing strategies, new competitors are entering the picture.

To handle these challenges, c-store retailers are turning to data-driven initiatives to learn more about their customers and their shopping behaviors. Regional and national retailers are leveraging new technology and rich customer data to drive format changes in an effort to attract a broader customer base and appeal to changing needs shoppers. Dietz addresses the importance of testing, learning and optimizing the shopper experience from start to finish to better understand shopper behavior.


Watch the full Recorded Webinar for great insights as part of RetailNext’s Webinar on Demand series.