As a c-store industry professional, you probably live, breath and eat convenience stores in addition to working in the industry. And I’m sure (because you’re reading this post) you try to keep up on the latest news and information about the channel. We are fortunate to have several excellent sources of information in the form of the trade associations, magazines, websites, electronic newsletters, email alerts and RSS feeds.

And while you’re probably already feeling “information overload” I’m going to suggest you look at additional information but not from within the c-store channel. I’m referring specifically in this post about the supermarket channel but you could and should also consider mass and drug and even other forms such as bookstores and electronics retailers. Why?  To perform a bit of legal “shoplifting”, i.e. “stealing” ideas.

While the c-store channel has had a fair share of innovative ideas, it is an undisputable fact we are not always on the leading edge and that’s fine. But we must be quick adopters of good ideas whenever and wherever we find them and we must be creative adapters to tailor them to our specific channel and customer needs & wants.

It takes only a few minutes a day to scan headlines from the daily alerts you receive; most of it you will pass over, but if just once a week you find an idea that can increase your sales or gross profit a tenth of a percent, over a year’s time that’s real money!

Here are links to but two of many, many other channels daily alerts. I would like to hear from you about the ones you find most useful.