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“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” —Earl Nightingale

Often when working with leaders and leadership teams, I share what I think is critical in executing a strategy. In the face of uncertainty or chaos, you need to become more focused and disciplined as an organization. In order to navigate through uncertainty, having a die-hard commitment to clear-cut goals will align your teams and company. Staying Power is your ability as a leader to stay the course while being nimble enough to shift priorities and timelines to weather the storm. It becomes an exercise in resetting plans based on new priorities.

In the petroleum and convenience industry, we are faced with opportunities and challenges in the marketplace due to shifts in the economy and sometimes within the organization due to an unanticipated change. How you lead during these times determines your future and direction, your success or failure. We have had a perfect storm with COVID. If it could happen, it did. If it was supposed to happen, it likely did not.

“In the face of uncertainty or chaos, you need to become more focused and disciplined as an organization.”

When a committed leadership team already has a clear focus and roadmap shared across the organization, even a significant shift in direction can be easily weathered. When faced with adversity, leaders are often put at difficult crossroads – do we change our focus and halt plans? Or do we maintain the determined goals and roadmap with the long-term objectives in mind? With a clear strategy in place, leaders can make decisions, and even alter the path, to keep business moving forward toward the established goals.

A company can focus on making up needed cost reductions or overcome bandwidth issues versus establishing a new strategy. Staying power enables leaders and teams to commit to strategiesmanage competing priorities, and execute plans despite fatigue, setbacks, or challenges. 

Staying Power

Staying Power is your ability as a leader to stay the course while being nimble enough to shift priorities and timelines to weather the storm.

  1. Plan and commit to a strategy with clear milestones.
  2. Establish a clear roadmap to set expectations for the timelines and the path forward.
  3. Identify and manage competing priorities.
  4. Deploy project teams with a cross-functional approach to ensure departmental accountability.
  5. Communicate across the organization to help internalize and manage change
  6. Be nimble and shift plans and timelines when disruptions occur.
  7. Be a leader, creating the energy to drive engagement.
Lisa Biggs

Lisa Biggs


Lisa Biggs’ passion for operational excellence, along with her 27+ years of practical and technical experience in the petroleum, convenience, and retail industries, has served her team and clients well. As Co-founder and President of Impact 21…

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