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The stakes have never been higher for organizations dealing with payments. Security is a top priority. Payment ecosystems must be organized not only to manage risk but to also enhance the customer experience. Due to its inherent risk, managing payments requires deep expertise, highly collaborative teams, and enterprise accountability. And Impact 21 fits that bill.

Payments Today – Top of Mind, Top Priority

Organizations must be positioned to evolve and react quickly. What is happening in the payments arena directly affects your business. So, what are we seeing?

  • Substantial growth in the risk profile for payments activities worldwide – top of mind and top priority

Cybercrime cartels have technology savvy and substantial resources to invest in theft and disruption

  • Investment is large – payments are a top four operating expense in most global organizations

Only exceeded by labor, occupancy, and marketing

  • Payment product and technology landscape is changing rapidly

New products and technology rapidly coming to market with uncertain adoption, risk profiles, and economics

  • Increased publicity has heightened consumer awareness of payments and risk

Incumbent upon organizations to build consumer trust in the payment experience

Security Issues, Swift Action

We understand that security issues require swift action. To meet aggressive timelines and ensure all changes are done effectively, Impact 21 manages analysis, recommendations, site project plan creation, and implementation in a timely manner.

We take steps to ensure that you provide secure payments your customers can trust:

  • Assess your security systems, explore deficiencies, and ensure adherence to the continuously increasing requirements of Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and newly enacted EMV compliance
  • Review and troubleshoot system weaknesses
  • Develop and implement potential solutions, including procedure changes, hardware changes and additions, and new security camera systems
  • Create a detailed site by site program plan, including timelines, partners and budget.
  • Lead project management for EMV certifications
  • Conduct mock audits of headquarters and store facilities

Evolving Payment Technology

Ever-evolving payment technology and capabilities can be challenging to navigate, select, and implement. Impact 21 helps you every step of the way. Whether you are bringing in a new solution or modernizing fuel pump experience to increase in-store sales, we have the experience to guide you through the process. We help retailers take control of content ownership and management.

We support a wide range of payment technology options including:

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Fleet
  • Mobile Payments
  • Vouchers and Coupons
  • Loyalty

We help you maximize payment technologies through marketing promotions, brand-building messages, sales inside the store, food ordering, lottery, loyalty programs and a myriad of other retailer content opportunities.

Mock Audits

We conduct payments readiness assessments (mock audits) of headquarter and store facilities to identify where documentation and training is necessary to meet all requirements. We provide necessary documentation and training to address gaps discovered through our mock audits.

Our assessments and documentation include:

  • Risk assessment report
  • Project scope document on changes required prior to final audit
  • Detailed project plan on key activities
  • Complete forward-facing IP scans to identify opportunities
  • Industry & role specific PCI and EMV training programs – Off-the-shelf or custom
  • Quarterly and annual updates