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As a company evolves over time, so does its culture. Mergers & acquisitions, shifts in strategy as well as new leadership can all have a significant impact on company culture. These shifts can be planned and graceful or unexpected and tumultuous. Impact 21 captures the new guiding vision for an organization and outlines the strategic path to see it through.

Establishing this path provides the foundation for evolving the company’s new culture in a way that is embraced by the management team and employees alike. Our approach includes organizational development, role and team alignment, and interim leadership roles.

Defined Goals & Aligned Roles

Efficient and effective are two very different things. An organization can function efficiently in processes, yet remain ineffective in carrying out the company’s strategic plan. The gap typically falls around leadership and cross-functional alignment. Impact 21 works with clients who know they want or need change, and are willing to invest in their people to close that gap.

Define Your Own Culture

A company culture will emerge whether you plan it or not. Define and create the culture you desire for your organization.

    We leverage your own team to reset the organization in a way that brings defined goals and aligned roles. We sustain change by bringing leadership and learning & development to the forefront, enabling you to forge ahead with a new energy that thrives on business alignment.

    Role & Team Alignment

    We bring a business alignment methodology that enhances teamwork and collaboration and aligns resources toward common goals and objectives.

    Interim Leadership Roles

    Large-scale acquisitions or technology integrations can disrupt smooth business operations. There is often a need for interim management team resources to prevent these disruptions. It is critical that companies maintain strong leadership to remain focused on key strategies and objectives. Impact 21 brings forward experienced and competent resources to fill gaps in C-level and other senior leadership roles and help your team through transitions.