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Learning & Development / Training

You invest time and money in your Learning & Development (L&D)  and training efforts, but without a clearly defined roadmap, your efforts can easily fall flat. Your L&D strategy and plan must be customized and aligned to support the broader business strategy or project. Understanding your team’s learning styles and needs is vital to effective implementation of programs.

The deployment of well-defined learning programs often results in a blended training approach. Impact 21 puts your plans into action through the development and facilitation of a combined eLearning, Train-the-Trainer program, and hands-on classroom training for all levels of resources and classes of trade your company supports. We become an extension of your team and facilitate learning in each key step.

Strategic Roadmap

A strategic L&D roadmap serves as the blueprint to successfully communicate and educate those team members who become the catalysts for executing change. There is no more important guiding principle than to invest in the knowledge and capabilities of those you depend on to deliver results. We:

Provide you with best in class L&D solutions that fit your specific needs.

  • Work side by side with you to guide and train your team in the capabilities, skills and competencies necessary for success.
  • We account for needs unique to your team:
    • Learning approaches, programs, level
    • Learning objectives, methods and protocols
  • Offer targeted training by role and audience and deliver programs utilizing best-in-class authoring tools and Learning Management Solutions (LMS).

Dynamic Program Design

Program design is critical to building learning programs that effectively deliver new, repeatable and sustainable skills.

Program Analysis – Conducted to determine which roles in the organization are impacted by change and to what level.

Invest in Your People

Invest in the knowledge and capabilities of those you depend on to deliver results.

  • Roles impacted most receive more targeted knowledge building and skill training, while less impacted roles receive summary level communication.

Evaluation Metrics – Defined to monitor business performance.

  • Impact 21 further defines the target audience by performing a quick assessment of each participant’s level of experience. This captures competency information used for curricula development.

Curricula Plan – We develop a plan that aligns the content, objectives and training methods with the audience.

  • Each training event and corresponding curricula plan is mapped out to provide visibility across the organization.

Learning Post-Audit – We ensure success of all programs by building a learning post-audit that compares participant results with the defined metrics.

Plans into Action – Training & Facilitation

While some audiences may only require a clear communication plan, others most affected by change may require in-depth, hands-on training and support to effectively implement new processes, technologies or organizational change. We:

  • Develop and facilitate Train-the-Trainer programs and assist with hands-on classroom training.
  • Create targeted eLearning modules and facilitator/participant guides to provide attendees with a step-by-step approach during training and a reference guide for on-the-job review.
  • Customize all training and facilitation to meet our clients’ needs and employ professional facilitators that provide an engaging, interactive, supportive and professional learning environment.
  • Integrate a Learning Management System (LMS) platform into the L&D plan to capture and organize relevant information.

Learn about Impact 21’s Category Management Learning—training options, online courses, and certification options.

LMS Platforms / eLearning

We leverage best-in-class technology to develop and implement rich, intuitive L&D programs. Impact 21 integrates a Learning Management System (LMS) platform into your L&D plan to capture and organize relevant information.

These easy-to-use tools quickly integrate courses into your training program. We align the LMS with your content management strategy and leverage that LMS across all departments. Impact 21’s Subject Matter Experts develop and maintain your LMS to best fulfill your objectives.

Our LMS Platform Attributes

  • Automatic notifications
  • Blended learning exercises
  • Assessments
  • User and learning analytics tracking
  • Multi-event and multi-user training environment
  • 24/7 operation, refreshed to meet changing content

Benefits of Our LMS and eLearning

  • Custom curriculum standardized across the enterprise
  • Cost effective deployment
  • Performance and compliance tracking
  • Ease of content management