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We don’t just advise and recommend, we manage the implementation process across myriad solutions and technologies. Implementation is truly where technologies and people meet.

The early planning phases of any project are key to the successful implementation and deployment of technology and automation efforts. We help you:
  • Make key business decisions
  • Communicate needed changes across your organization
  • Develop processes, policies, and procedures
  • Create plans to deploy systems and resources

Once this phase is completed, it is time to turn plans into action, roll out new technologies, and bring changes that automate existing business practices.

We partner with your team and vendors to make sure your solutions are implemented according to your requirements, on time and on budget. This will be accomplished through:

Testing & Configuration

Here we test systems against the requirements set forth in your planning phases. We help you establish testing labs, install, configure, test and verify selected technology systems and related interfaces, if required.

  • Oversee the testing protocols for all software/hardware changes including regression analysis around completion of third-party deliverables for software and hardware

Communication & Training

Commitment to communication and training make all the difference in this phase as new roles and functions begin to take on more accountability to sustain the new operating model.

  • Implement training for ongoing support and evolution of policies and system procedures to build competencies required for longer-term success.


The importance of the pilot process should not be understated. It is your chance to cost-effectively identify any improvement opportunities prior to rollout.

  • Implement pilot process to test system configuration, requirements, and outputs.
  • Then, prepare and roll out approved technologies, including communications between corporate, store, and third parties.

Measure & Refine

Although Measure & Refine begins during pilot it will remain a mainstay even after rollout. During this phase, it is critical to the ongoing success of the organization to bring accountability forward. Measurable metrics must be cascaded to the organization.

  • Determine KPIs
  • Evaluate Pilot against KPIs
  • Identify improvement opportunities and refine pilot as needed
  • Make rollout decision
  • Measure ongoing health post-deployment

Deploy (Rollout)

By the time you get to rollout, the hard work has paid off. It is time to execute the plans and monitor policies, procedures and results. Beginning with a phased approach is key to developing your organization as systems and requirements come together. Deployment evolves as successful pilots are reflected in the metrics.

  • Measure progress of the new deployment across locations and identify, track and communicate new risks and potential issues in workstreams as they arise.




~ Implementation ~

Where technologies
and people
truly meet

Post Implementation Review (PIR)

This review is conducted after completion of the project, but prior to making final improvements. Its purpose is to evaluate how successfully the project objectives were met and the effectiveness of project management practices.

  • Document the results of the PIR in a close-out report to help identify lessons learned, inform final improvements, and assist in planning, managing and meeting the objectives of future projects