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Go To Market

The Impact 21 Go to Market Strategy helps suppliers, solution providers, or potential investors who are looking to enter and/or optimize their penetration and footprint into any of the industries or markets we serve. We focus on the current and future trends/requirements driving a particular market to develop your marketing and branding strategies. Our GTM Strategy involves five core elements.

Current State Market Analysis

We develop a customized Current State Market Analysis based on criteria for your specific offer. We explore your current strategy and identify core requirements for targeted customer segments. We work with your team to understand the existing challenges and opportunities associated with specific products, services and/or channels.

Our comprehensive industry overview is developed through:

  • The Impact 21 resource base involving retailers and other consulting/research organizations
  • Our proprietary industry information, key industry trade publications and studies, trade associations
  • Additional research within the public domain

We focus on current and future requirements along with customer pain points that will determine the potential for products, services, and/or solutions. Our channel segmentation helps you identify if and where opportunities exist and identify current and potential future customers, markets and classes of trade served.

Product & Services Alignment

We want you to achieve sustainable, profitable growth in highly competitive markets. We explore the competitive landscape to:

  • Determine salient competition
  • Rank them according to price, service, project delivery, product fit, and industry knowledge
  • Determine key barriers to entry

We review current/future solutions and service offerings and identify potential gaps in strategic roadmap as well as product and service architecture. These findings allow us to guide you toward the best partner and channel fit for your company and ultimately build the business case for channel penetration.

Market Potential & Projections

Our Go to Market Strategy determines the key elements and techniques needed to penetrate the industry and/or market. Potential and projections are based on industry research, surveys, and I21 proprietary knowledge. We

  • Provide a channel outlook through analysis of current and future competitors
  • Conduct a penetration analysis to identify and prioritize the opportunity by customer segment
  • Determine a sales forecast by identifying and quantifying potential market (customers) for current and new products or services
  • Identify current and potential future customers, markets and classes of trade served
  • Compare offerings with industry requirements based on Impact 21’s proprietary information

Recommendations & Roadmap

Based on the findings, we provide recommendations on actionable next steps and a roadmap showing required deliverables and timeline. We:

  • Facilitate product & service development strategy and coordinated marketing efforts
  • Guide you through your partner & channel selection using the information from the Alignment of Products & Services phase
  • Provide recommendations for your branding & marketing efforts moving forward

Account Planning

We expand market projections to include a list of top potential customers based on size, requirements, interest and/or market leadership. We:

  • Provide a comprehensive account planning and sales process for top prospects
  • Develop a sales strategy outlining how to connect with customers and achieve a competitive edge over competitors
  • Craft, marketing, merchandising, pricing, and distribution strategies to accelerate penetration and gain market presence
  • Identify opportunities to improve targeted offer & messaging for service and solution offerings
  • Create target customer sales process
  • Recommend positioning, messaging and pricing models to improve resonance with retailers

Whether you are planning to go to market with your products and services in new industries or create new products and services for existing ones, we show you where to play, how to win, what’s it worth, and how to do it. Our Go to Market Strategy provides the comprehensive analysis that allows you to make the right decisions and produce sustainable, profitable growth in highly competitive markets.