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Customer Engagement / Loyalty


Combining Impact 21’s deep expertise in the petroleum and convenience channel with Hanifin Loyalty’s specialized customer engagement & loyalty capabilities results in leading-edge solutions and services for retailers and leading brands worldwide.

We are enhancing and making our services in this area even more powerful by bringing on this team of experts along with their extensive resources.

Who Is Hanifin Loyalty?

“We could say we’re a consulting firm, but that would sell our capabilities short. We could also say that we’re a digital marketing agency, but that would be too generic. SPECIFICALLY, WE ARE A FULL-SERVICE CUSTOMER GROWTH AGENCY.

We have the experience and skills to solve customer marketing problems for brands, both large and not-so-large, and unlock profitability through highly measurable and financially accountable marketing strategies.”

Loyalty Leaders Join Forces

Lesley Saitta, CEO Impact 21

We’re so pleased to join forces with Hanifin Loyalty. We’ve had the pleasure of working together in the past, and with great success. It’s rare to find another firm so strategically aligned and so committed to customer success no matter what it takes. We’re thrilled the Hanifin team will become part of Impact 21 and are confident our clients will see immediate value in this merger.

Bill Hanifin, CEO Hanifin Loyalty

What an honor to bring Hanifin Loyalty clients to Impact 21 as well as help Impact 21 further expand its practice in customer engagement and loyalty. There’s not a more trustworthy organization who will deliver the greatest service to our clients, and ultimately, deliver improved business results. Hanifin Loyalty has dedicated the past 20 years to data-driven loyalty marketing. Impact 21 has dedicated the past 20 years to data-driven solutions and services across all facets of business and technology in retail. This is clearly a perfect fit for Hanifin Loyalty.