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Content Management

An ever-increasing amount of information is available to us today. And document sharing is more integrated into our businesses than ever before. Put those two factors together and we have a huge challenge to manage. However, done right, it also creates an opportunity to align strategy, programs, projects, and more. Doing so requires a robust platform and rigorous process and we have the tools and experience to help you manage it all.

Content Management Strategy

Content management is inherently a collaborative, continual process. At Impact 21, we have an entire team and our own Content Management System (CMS), the Impact 21 EDGE™ portal, to manage internal processes and documentation. Our clients have these same resources—both our team and the portal—at their fingertips. Leveraging our resources ensures that your team has the information they need, when they need it, in one central location. Establishing a Content Management Strategy enables your team to:

  • Work collaboratively, effectively, and more efficiently
  • Improve decision making
  • Guarantee security and compliance
  • Positively affect business impact
  • Quickly gain alignment across your organization
  • Maintain fresh, accurate content

Content Management Team

Our content management team brings the expertise to:

  • Foster smooth collaboration and project management
  • Develop and refine content efficiently and consistently
  • Maintain quality, consistency, accuracy, and standardization in content and documentation
  • Serve as information gatekeeper to promote
    • Protocols and procedures
    • Templates and guidelines
  • Integration Impact 21’s best practice content

Content Management Resources

Leveraging our resources ensures that your team has the information they need, when they need it, in one central location.

Project Headquarters – the EDGE™ Portal

Impact 21’s world-class collaboration and project management portal is a resource available to all clients. The EDGE™ Portal tracks progress of projects across all phases and provides a quick-view for senior management to determine progress and check metrics. The portal has broad, dynamic capabilities and strategic differentiators:

  • SharePoint platform with integrated Project Server
  • Web-based and accessible 24/7 (by role and security level)
  • Organization through multiple libraries and stages/sub-stages
  • Action item tracking and assignments
  • Repository of Impact 21’s best practice content

Through our EDGE™ Portal, you can manage and track deliverables, timelines, and resources. It allows you to manage all information and documents pertaining to your initiatives and can be leveraged for project management, version control, and process management.

The EDGE Portal allows your team to:

  • Manage content, project planning, action planning, and accountability
    • Ensure that business departments are engaged cross functionally
  • Import and create documents, templates, and materials
  • View, edit, and approve documents any time throughout project duration
  • Manage versions of content as it evolves
  • Streamline document sharing
  • Host and manage project deliverables
  • Assign roles and access permissions to individual users
  • Review work in progress and assess status
  • Alerts and progress tracking through completion
  • Streamline learning and development / training documentation, checklists, and materials
  • Access Impact 21’s best practices and intellectual property