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Change Management

Managing change does not necessarily come easily for most of us but is often the most important element in determining the success of any initiative or project. More important than the level of change is how well an organization deals with change and whether it has the right tools and processes in place to sustain its efforts and drive ongoing benefits. 

We help you from start to finish – and beyond – to develop and set your plan into action. Impact 21 puts methodologies in place to support your company in:

  • Assessing readiness for change
  • Determine if your organization currently has the capabilities to manage it
  • Developing and implementing a change management program

Managing Change

Because no single methodology fits every scenario, we have fine-tuned a change management process that is proven to accelerate and sustain new initiatives and implementations and forms the foundation of our project management model. Our set of practices, tools, and techniques readily adapt to your needs. We guide your team in building communication and stakeholder engagement practices that cascade change and monitor the pulse of the organization. We help you navigate all phases of change.

Are you Ready For Change?

Many factors come into play during time of transition. It is important to look at how prepared your company is before embarking on a plan for change. You need to look not only at the need for change, but also at the conditions, attitudes, and resources within all levels of your organization. The more complex the proposed change, the greater the relevance in examining your readiness. We explore various relevant areas within your company that could influence your plans.

Are you ready?

You need to look not only at the need for change, but also at the conditions, attitudes, and resources within all levels of your organization

  • Change impact and readiness by role/function
  • Sponsorship and stakeholders’ engagement and implications
  • Leadership to sponsor and cascade
  • Communications
  • Vision and business case definition
  • Dependencies, implications, and “to be” versus “as is”
  • Key areas impacted by change and level of change
  • Specific processes, resources, and technologies impacted by change in each area
  • Change expectations
  • Define and Develop the Plan

    What needs to happen before the change? The change readiness assessment reveals areas that need to be addressed before moving into action. We help you tackle these areas through a transition plan.  Then it is time to development and launch an implementation plan – activities, timelines, resources, including:

    • Create Countdown plan
    • Recommend Communications/Training plans
    • Develop risk assessment / contingencies
    • Develop high level “cost to change” metrics to incorporate into financial analysis

    Time to Launch

    Once all the ground work is laid, it is time to put the plan to work. We help you align new roles, accountabilities, metrics, and/or reporting within your organization. It’s important to communicate the impact and results of change on continuous basis. We provide Learning & Development, training, and support to new and existing roles as required to ensure competencies are in place to drive success and provide sustainability for the changes.

    It is critical to re-assess, refine, and re-affirm change post-launch.