Our Services

Consulting and Analytics Services

Impact 21 offers comprehensive consulting and analytic services that provide real world solutions to the changing needs of the petroleum and convenience store, specialty retail, consumer products, foodservice and technology industries, markets and consumers. We take a hands-on approach with your team to improve strategic direction, yet our focus is always on the impact to employees and consumers.

Our clients rely on us to provide best-in-class project management and analytics, along with reputable subject matter experts who apply their knowledge and experience to a broad range of functional areas and service offers.

Our key differentiator is our ability to align organizations from senior leadership to department managers and to provide the methodology and tools required to sustain this new way of doing business for future growth.

Our Service Model

Project Management

We apply our team approach to Project Management (PM), helping you develop and manage critical milestones, key activities, and project resources – on-time and on-budget – throughout the project life cycle. Though we do offer PM as a standalone service, it is most notably woven into all of our core services and projects.


We help you develop and execute strategy across your organization and impact your company culture in a way that fosters real alignment for your business. All organizations have (or should have) goals for their business and for specific areas within the business. However, without a solid plan of action, ideas and goals easily fall flat.

Through our experience in the field, we have developed tried and true best practices. These act as our guide to develop, implement and sustain common initiatives for the retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers whom we serve.


We have developed a team of consultants and partners with expertise in all areas of operations within the channels we serve – planning, strategy, projects, training and technology. We act as an extension of your team to deliver real-world solutions that produce tangible results and success of your objectives. We bring together store and corporate processes and technologies to ensure exceptional customer service and business optimization.


Impact 21 helps you stay abreast of new technology while managing selection, implementation and training. We offer end to end support of the entire technology stack, including hardware, software, networks, applications and facilities. Our goal is to ensure that your IT supports current business requirements and is positioned for strategic growth.

Customer Engagement

When your customers are happier, your business is healthier. That’s why we’re here to help you create a better experience for your customers, and, in turn, to help your business thrive. We do our best work at the intersection of loyalty marketing, data analytics, payment systems and marketing technology. The magic we bring to your business transforms complex customer data into marketing solutions that are both profitable and practical to execute.


Analytics is more than just a buzz word. It provides tremendous insight into business challenges and sheds light on solutions and opportunities. Our distinct analytics solutions are designed specifically for the industries and customers we serve. We provide highly graphic and intuitive solutions either “off the shelf”, fully customized or anywhere in between. In addition to our cloud-based solutions, Impact 21 industry experts and analysts help monitor and manage your business as an extension of your team.