Headed to NACS? Be sure to attend these innovative sessions lead or moderated by our Impact 21 team.


Double Down on Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Lesley Saitta | Sunday, October 11, 4:10 pm – 5:00 pm

Learn how Wawa and other companies are using customer data to create targeted offerings and fine tune products and services. This session is intended for category managers and marketing professionals.

Improve Your Business with Electronic Business Process Automation

Chuck Young | Monday, October 12, 8:00 – 8:50 am

Looking for ways to streamline business process within your company? EB2B (electronic business to business) practices have been in place for years but few have uncovered the benefits that they bring. Learn how you can design and implement this effective solution in your organization as retailers and suppliers highlight best practices, resources and how-to information from simple invoice exchange to price and delivery methods. This session is designed specifically for business professionals in medium and large-sized companies.

Keeping Your Operating Costs Under Control

Jackie Maxwell | Monday, October 12, 9:05  – 9:55 am

Many smaller retailers are now competing with larger retailers who have gained economy of scale due to consolidation. This session will feature an industry overview of the changes and identify opportunities to improve your position and will include presentations by retailers who have taken action to lower operating expenses and improve business processes. ​

Food for Thought: Trends and Growth

Rob Gallo | Monday, October 12, 9:05 – 9:55 am

How can looking out to the broader market-place for inspiration help convenience stores take their brand to the next level and improve their sales performance? In this presentation, learn what today’s most successful foodservice and restaurant brands are doing to stay on top. Aaron Noveshen, founder of The Culinary Edge, a culinary consulting firm based in San Francisco, reveals the trends and “special sauce” behind standout brands’ positioning, product appeal, and guest experience. Then discover what it takes to evolve your con-venience store brand in a way that captures consumers—whether one time travelers or loyal lifetime consumers—and drives growth! ​

Playing Catch-Up with Technology

Lisa Stewart | Tuesday, October 13, 8:00  – 8:50 am

The convenience retail channel is no stranger to playing catch-up when it comes to technology. Learn what adjacent industries are using and testing, and what experts are forecasting for technology. Experience technology that could, for once, put convenience retail on the forefront of customer service and process efficiency. This session is designed specifically for IT professionals in medium and large-sized companies.

Technology Edge Group Forum: Disruptive Technology Threats

Lisa Stewart | Tuesday, Oct 13, 9:05 – 9:55 am

Join your peers for an action-packed hour of collaboration and thought-provoking discussion on disruptive technologies other retailers outside of our channel are implementing. Led by a moderator and subject matter experts, you will focus on a particular topic and engage in group conversations that can generate best practices, new ideas and valuable connections. Topics will include other retail channel technologies and their potential applications within the c-store industry. This session is designed specifically for IT professionals in medium and large-sized companies.