Connecting the Dots

Merchandise Management as the Foundation of Retail Success

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Impact 21 has developed a proprietary, 13-step end-to-end merchandise management process. It establishes a solid foundation for merchandise management, and shows how a roadmap of progressive workflow aligns key business functions for success.

Merchandise management has been a challenge since the beginning of modern retail. Historically, merchandise management has been susceptible to break down because of misalignment between business functions and lack of insight into an end-to-end process. Impact 21’s process connects these dots.

All other aspects of retail hinge on effective merchandise management. Retailers won’t gain the full value of other efforts if solid merchandise management practices are not in place. Customer engagement and loyalty programs, refined store operations, digital transformation, and business analytics are only effective if merchandise management is well-planned. Giving customers the product they want, when and where they want it, is the foundation of a profitable business. The ultimate goal is to ensure that customers get the best products, at the right price, delivered at the right time – every time!

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