A recent visit to the annual National Retail Federation (NRF) conference yielded some positive insights for convenience stores. As a solution-neutral consultancy, we are always on the lookout for ways to drive improvements for our c-store clients. EXPO visits and discussions with several service providers indicated that many companies are pushing hard to adjust their models in order to become a better fit for the c-store channel.

The dynamics of the convenience channel are quite different from other channels—high fuel volumes coupled with lower merchandise and foodservice sales than competitive channels—can make non-fuel solutions a tough sell to even the most progressive c-store operators. These differences have been a hindrance for solution providers in the past, but the changing landscape of c-stores has been enough for solution providers to take notice.Solution providers that have traditionally focused on just about every other retail channel are finally making inroads to the c-store channel by revising their offerings to be more attractive and better fit the needs of c-stores.

  • Modifying their solutions to address the unique needs of c-stores
  • Adjusting their pricing models to make their offerings more cost-effective
  • Leveraging new technologies to offer additional functionality

That’s good news for c-store operators as they now have access to more solutions that can help strengthen their offer, execution, and profits. Now is a good time for c-stores to take another look at everything from analytics, price optimization, foodservice management, and other solutions to determine if their needs can be better addressed in a cost-effective manner.