Impact 21’s Rob Gallo is quoted in NACS Magazine article: Test Market. This article explores the art of c-store merchandising and advantages of tech opportunities to attract customer attention and to gain additional sources of revenue. The following excerpt addresses video potential:

“Video displays to grab attention are now almost standard equipment at any pump, but inside the store the jury is still out; the customer isn’t lingering as they are when they’re buying gasoline. “The thing about video for convenience stores is the message can be very short,” said Rob Gallo, senior principal consultant with Impact 21 in Lexington, Kentucky. “There’s no need for a product demo. You just need to create an impression, inspire and engage. From a retailer’s standpoint this attracts attention and it could be a source of revenue.” On the shelves, however, video may still be in uncharted territory. “Video shelf strips may be cost pro-hibitive now,” said Gallo. “But retailers have to look at their revenue-generating possibilities before dismissing them. From a retailer’s standpoint, it could attract attention and become a source of revenue.” 

Read the full article, Test Market, here. To view NACS Magazine September issue, please visit NACS Magazine Digital Online.