Impact 21 provides comprehensive category management (Cat Man) services through the combination of program development, data analysis, and hands-on learning.

Learn how category management can improve your customer experience and your profit.

5 Pillars Of Category Management

Our category management approach supports all parties involved in the process from category managers, in-store sales staff, and merchandisers to strategic decision-makers.

We help you tailor your marketing and merchandising efforts to stimulate interest and entice customers through the optimization of assortment, pricing, shelf presentation, promotion, and product.

Retail Brand Strategy

  • Defining Your Brand Soul & Attributes
  • Five Pillars of Differentiation
  • Category Review Process & Scorecard
  • Category Roles, Strategies, & Tactics
  • Strategic Measures: Leading & Lagging
  • Integrated Loyalty Marketing

Space Management & Assortment Strategy

  • Category Space Allocation
  • Assortment Decision Tree (factors for determining adds & deletes)
  • Assortment Productivity Metrics
  • Planogram Performance Metrics & Shelf Productivity
  • Product Placement Decision Criteria (Dead Zone, Good/Better/Best, Heat Mapping, etc.)
  • Planogram Implementation & Execution Process
  • Space & Assortment Planning Technology

Shopper Insights And Consumer Trends

  • Mission Trips: Who They Are & What They Buy
  • Connecting Assortment to Consumer Strategy
  • Types of Data: Syndicated, Loyalty, Manufacturer

Price And Promotional Strategy

  • Alignment of Price & Promotion Strategies to Category
  • Roles
  • Price Optimization: Store Clusters, Key Value Items (KVIs), Elasticity Levels
  • Promotional Strategies, Tactics, and Messaging
  • Holistic Analytics (Trips, Household Penetration, Category Cannibalization, Purchase Frequency, etc.)
  • Behavioral Economic Principles in Retail (Relativity, Consumer Emotion, Halo Effect)
  • Marketing

Vendor Partnerships

  • Maximizing Vendor Spend Rate & Support
  • Joint Planning & Aligning Strategies
  • Data/Insights

Category Management Training

With Category Management as a critical part of retail success, Cat Man training offers a great return on your time and investment. You are sure to find the right fit for you with Impact 21’s training options.

Customized Category Management Training

Impact 21 conducts formal basic and advanced category management training for organizations in need of specialized training for targeted groups or skills required.

NACS / Impact 21 / Learning Evolution Online Category Management Training

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