The changes better reflect the company’s core offerings to petroleum, convenience, retailing, refining, and foodservice industries. 

Lexington, KY, September 25, 2015 – Impact 21, a consulting, analytics and services company since 1998, has officially changed its name from Impact 21 Group to Impact 21. The company’s offerings include strategy, alignment, deployment and analytics to improve business results.

CEO Lesley Saitta shared, “Our Company strives to lead in business best practices, simplified processes and current technologies. Just as we advise our clients, we’ve positioned our company for more streamlined and effective service.” To follow the name change, the company has unveiled its new logo and brand new website at There, visitors can view the company’s core services and see how the strategies it develops can transform business for greater profitability.

“These are more than surface changes,” added Lisa Stewart, President. “They better reflect the strategic changes we’ve made within our company. We’ve refined our process to bring transformation more quickly to our clients’ businesses.” Investments in collaboration and project management solutions as well as Analytics are several of the key changes that have directly impacted our clients.

Professional consultants comprise the Impact 21 team. Each person has proven success and expertise in their respective fields. As a solution-neutral company, Impact 21 evaluates each client’s requirements to find the most effective systems and processes and offers customized strategies and services to drive profitability.

C-Stores, retailers, and foodservice chains are encouraged to download an overview of Impact 21’s 13-Step Merchandise Management Process, a complimentary resource to help retailers plan, manage and control products through the retail cycle, from authorization through evaluation for re-stocking.

The company is offering, as courtesy, “Connecting the Dots: Merchandise Management.” It is Impact 21’s Proprietary 13-­Step Process for Effective Merchandise Management.

For more information please visit or call (859) 219-3040.