At first, a spark plug…a common car part looks rather simple on the surface. Let’s face it, how many of us actually know where to find it under the hood of our cars, let alone the complex function that it provides? When we begin to look at our current systems and processes are we much the same?

A properly gapped plug will be wide enough to burn hot, but not so wide that it skips or misses at high speeds, nor cause the cylinders to drag, or the engine to begin to rattle. As you look at your business is it well tuned? Have you taken the time to find out if the gap is too wide or too narrow?

As a spark plug ages, and the metal of both the tip and hook erode, the gap will tend to widen. That is what happens in essence to our business process. As our business grows older, the gap in processes and efficiencies begin to broaden, leaving you behind as the sputtering and knocking begins. Imagine the “spark” that occurs in a spark plug as an investment in resources or technologies. If that “spark” is producing or performing at a level below its potential, then it’s time to conduct a “gap” analysis- no pun intended!

Our  Gap Analysis is designed to look at not just the gap, but align the business processes. By reviewing all processes, we provide your company with insight into areas which could be improved. The gap analysis process involves determining and documenting variances between business requirements and current capabilities.