A Gap Analysis is the single most important collection of information about any company’s new initiatives or strategies current execution of existing strategies or shedding light on potential problems within the organization, a GAP Analysis can provide great information. The GAP can also assist in determining how comfortable the team is with the company’s current model for going to market and business being lost as a result of weaknesses among organizational structure. In addition, it identifies if the organization is performing as it should be and then can identify what must be done in order to achieve the full potential of the organization. Bottom line is whether all involved are on the same page.

As I mentioned before, there are often many issues that go unresolved when a GAP Analysis is conducted. Well, what about the training gap that we often are confronted with in new initiatives? When a new initiative is launched, it can be taken for granted that the team is prepared and ready. But are they ready, or do we want them to be ready? Given any initiative, when led by the organization’s own project manager, it is expected to be a success. However, more so is the initiative expected to produce benefits, streamlined processes and results. Leave out the training piece and this could spell disaster. Leave out monitoring for results and it can spell financial ruin- lost sales, profits or possible even resources.

A GAP Analysis can help the organization reach their potential identifying who is trainable, who isn’t, how much training they’ll need and the kind of help from which each will benefit.

Don’t let training pass you by during your GAP Analysis.