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Our Go to Market Strategy helps suppliers, solution providers, or potential investors who are looking to enter and/or optimize their penetration and footprint into any of the industries or markets we serve. Impact 21 has developed marketing and branding strategies, and has conducted research, market penetration analysis and account planning for clients focused on identifying the current and future trends/requirements driving a particular market.

Our top-line initiatives include:

  • Identifying and analyzing customer segments and key competitors
  • Aligning new or existing products/services
  • Developing market projections for targeted customer segments
  • Providing marketing, merchandising, pricing and distribution strategies to accelerate penetration and gain market presence
  • Creating an account planning and target customer sales process

Impact 21 conducts Go to Market Strategy and Branding projects for a broad range of global clients by identifying positioning around industry pain points, shopper behaviors and technical system integrations. Retailers, CPG companies, foodservice manufacturers, technology providers, services companies, and venture capital groups greatly benefit from Impact’s approach.

Impact 21 utilizes information from industry-related and government sources as well as business sites. We augment our studies with proprietary research and our internal experience on industry market trends, best practices, competitive offerings, efficient business processes and industry standards. Our Go to Market Strategy includes four core elements:

Current State Market Analysis

We develop and construct a Current State Market Analysis, based on criteria for the client’s particular solution, product, service or focus. We:

  • Identify potential gaps in the strategic roadmap and product/service architecture in comparison to results of the Market Study
  • Ensure that core requirements have been met for targeted customer segments
  • Address how to most effectively position core products and channel penetration over the next six to 24 months

Market Projections

The Go to Market Strategy determines the key marketing strategies and techniques needed to penetrate the industry and/or market. Our strategy:

  • Is based on industry research, surveys and proprietary knowledge
  • Identifies and prioritizes, by customer segment, the value of market penetration
  • Provides an analysis of current and future competitors in order to target product development strategy and marketing efforts.
  • Identifies and quantifies the potential market (customers) for current and new products

Alignment of Products – Services -Solutions – Customers

We focus on identifying products that are most appropriate for the channel and on building the business case and best approach for channel penetration. We:

  • Take alignment to a deeper level through a Channel Market Study which constructs a comprehensive Go to Market Strategy within the targeted channel/industry
  • Recommend best distribution methods and positioning of the product lines and/or services

Account Planning and Target Customer Sales Process

Impact 21 expands market projections to include a list of top potential customers, based on size, requirements, interest and/or market leadership. We:

  • Provide a comprehensive account planning and sales process for these top prospects
  • Outline how to connect with customers and achieve a competitive edge over competitors

Whether you are planning to go to market with your products and services in new industries or create new products and services for existing ones, our Go to Market Strategy provides the comprehensive analysis that allows you to make the right decisions and has helped our clients produce sustainable, profitable growth in highly competitive markets.

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