Our Services


Impact 21 principals have served in key foodservice leadership roles at major convenience retailers. Since then our team has worked with clients to develop and implement fresh food programs with venues for made-to-order, packaged foods, beverages and bakery. Impact 21 will help your team clarify the current foodservice vision and strategy and gain stakeholder engagement required to take your food programs to the next level.

Strategic Program Development

We build comprehensive foodservice strategies based on consumer trends and local market dynamics. We bring these strategies to life with strong venues and sub-brands to drive consumer appeal. A solid operational plan links it all together and ensures execution, performance and profitability.

Menu Innovation

A strong foodservice program needs to evolve to meet changing consumer tastes. Our menu innovation process balances best practices and consumer trends and with the ability to execute and drive profitability. Our test and learn approach helps clients drive continued growth while keeping investment costs lower.

Marketing & Advertising

We use an insights-to-action approach to support marketing and advertising. We design customer research to identify brand equities, customer value proposition, market positioning and potential offers as well as identify competitive strengths and weaknesses. We weave these learnings into marketing strategies and loyalty programs to clearly tie back to your brand message.

Distribution Supply Chain

We take foodservice program development a step further to drive costs out of the system. We will conduct a cost-benefit analysis to help you determine what combination of partnerships and self-distribution makes the most sense for each venue in your program.

Operating Standards

We implement a blend of daily and periodic best practice operating standards for each functional area of foodservice. These standards help drive program success by facilitating critical path action plans and timelines for complicated areas such as item level inventories, recipe/cost accounting and KPI reporting.

Packaging & Merchandising

Packaging has a big impact on foodservice costs and sales. We find the right balance of functional intent, cost and consumer appeal. We also identify placement and store layout improvements to improve customer traffic flow and purchasing patterns.

Quality and Pricing

Critical assessments of menu quality ensure that programs can meet customer expectation and be delivered consistently and profitably. We reset costs, retail prices, and rationalize menu items to drive profitability.

Training & Food Safety

We instill rigorous food safety practices across all programs. Impact 21 creates a culture of execution excellence by bringing forward cross-functional alignment, training resources and field foodservice roles to deploy operating standards, job aides, program post audits, and performance monitoring.

Reporting and Accountability

Impact 21 develops capital investment budgets for foodservice programs to ensure the strategy can be achieved within investment constraints. We develop actionable scorecards to monitor operations, safety, financial and customer metrics to ensure that all program elements are optimized.

C-Store Foodservice Assessments

Check out the PDF to learn how our foodservice assessments can help you build a strong operational foundation.