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What We’ve Learned in 21 Years – Part 2

Now that we have some background information about the company and its beginnings, let’s talk about some of your work. Q: What is one of the greatest success stories or most challenging projects you’ve worked on in the last 21 years? Lesley: Over the years, we have...

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What We’ve Learned in 21 Years – Part 1

After serving the convenience and fuel retail industries for 21 years, Impact 21 founders Lesley Saitta and Lisa Biggs Stewart have gained valuable insight into how businesses can achieve greater success. Over the years, they have helped hundreds of clients grow and...

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Congratulations, Calin Stewart!

We are extremely pleased to announce our very own Cal Stewart has successfully completed Officer Candidate School among the November 2018 graduating class at Quantico, VA. Cal grew up playing as a child at Impact 21 and later joined the staff as he got older. He...

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