Our Services

Requirements Analysis/Sourcing

Selecting the best solutions to business problems can be a daunting task for all companies. Technology suppliers constantly enter and exit the marketplace while changing and enhancing their offerings.  An even greater challenge is the ability to articulate and document business requirements from all functional departments and prioritize them into core requirements that must be met by all potential solutions.

Our Requirements Analysis/Sourcing services rely heavily on analyzing your needs. We help your company develop and prioritize all applicable requirements, by functional role and identify the solutions that can meet these needs.

Impact 21 can help you through the process of selecting new hardware, software or support services with our proven approach to Requirements Analysis/Sourcing. Working as a solution independent advisor, we will assist in helping you select the “best-fit” solutions and services to enhance performance and drive efficiencies within your organizations.

Business Requirements 

Impact 21 assists in identifying and prioritizing core requirements, matching them to industry best practices and assisting in the selection of solutions that fit your needs.  

The analysis includes:

  • A customized questionnaire by role to interview key stakeholders
  • Pre-defined requirements for a majority of key technologies & solutions
  • Headquarters and store visits to validate requirements for each functional department
  • Requirements template for tracking
  • Core requirements with priorities

Solution Provider Functionality Matrices 

To objectively identify and evaluate vendors, we utilize our industry experience and knowledge of leading industry solutions.  A matrix of solution provider core functionalities and interfaces is created to:

  • Define available solutions in the marketplace today 
  • Define all needed interfaces
  • Facilitate movement beyond current state for future requirements
  • Compare retailer core requirements to the solutions available in order to make recommendations on potential options

RFI/RFP Development, Negotiation and/or Support 

We prepare RFIs/RFPs and review responses, assist in identifying gaps in contracts, document critical service level agreements (SLAs), and identify best practices within the industry once a list of solution providers has been narrowed down. This allows you to focus on your business, while finding the right solution for your company based on facts and individualized requirements. Impact 21 provides customers the following advantages: 

  • Identification and Prioritization of key requirements
  • Optimize investments
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved negotiating position
  • Reduced selection time
  • Thorough analysis of suppliers