How We Work

How We Work

When working with Impact 21, you are provided a team of industry experts with extensive experience in the industries and channels we serve. With an unwavering commitment to bringing best practices and thought leadership to every engagement, we have developed a proven business model to integrate and deploy business, technology and customer strategies. Through our expertise, methodology, and world class collaboration and project management portal, we empower you to drive profitability and enhance your customers’ experience.

Impact 21 Business Model

Impact 21 has established a structured, disciplined approach for all client engagements. Our phased approach brings you much needed focus on business alignment, change management and measured returns. Whether your needs require one phase or all four, we approach your needs systematically and provide alignment to ensure effective management of all projects. We provide analysis and alignment of current strategies, resources and technologies and put testing, training, and support in place to fully leverage new business practices before, during, and after implementation. This allows teams to manage competing priorities and work efforts that are in place while ensuring a controlled testing and implementation environment.

Four Phases:

  • Discover & Educate
  • Design & Prepare
  • Deploy & Implement
  • Sustain & Evaluate

Collaboration & Project Management Portal (iRIS)

All Impact 21 projects are managed using a world-class collaboration and project management portal, Impact Resource Information Solution (iRIS), which is web-based and available 24/7 to all project and client resources. iRIS tracks the progress of the project across all phases and provides a quick–view for senior management to determine progress and view metrics.

All deliverables and project tasks are assigned and tracked through completion, and all content/documents associated with the project are linked to the specific area where they apply. All version control and assignments are managed on the portal, creating one version available for all to view, edit, and approve any time throughout the project duration.

Impact 21 has integrated intellectual property from years of consulting and implementations to iRIS for client use. Strategic differentiators of iRIS include:

  • SharePoint & Project Server
  • Web based and accessible by role
  • Project planning, action planning, and accountability
  • Alerts and progress tracking: Project deliverables & content
  • Content Management: Impact 21’s best practice content
  • All documents centrally located in one place and accessible 24/7 by level of security

Impact 21’s collaboration and project management approach is key to achieving success on time and within or below budget. We manage all projects with a team approach providing each client multiple touch points—Project Sponsor, Project Manager, Subject Matter Expert, and/or Project Resources. Impact 21 project resources work seamlessly with client project/business alignment teams, resources, and external partners. This collaboration integrates the project with existing business operations and ensures sustainability is achieved.